Our History

A Brief History of St. Andrew’s in Trenton

Presbyterianism in Trenton, Ontario, traces its origin to a meeting on November 18, 1853 by Rev. Donald McLeod of Cobourg, in the old Temperance Hotel. A committee of management was organized and the following September, Mr. McLeod was able to announce the arrival of its first minister, James Alexander Thomson of the Free Church of Scotland. After several short term ministries and a variety of locations for worship, the congregation built their first sanctuary at the corner of College and Sidney Streets. Subsequently, in August of 1880, the present site was purchased and the original church was moved to its present location and placed on a foundation high enough to provide a basement for the Sunday School and class rooms.

Three years later Dr. William Thomas Wilkins was inducted. He is memorialized in the stained glass window facing Marmora Street. Thus began a thirty year ministry that shaped the life and destiny of St. Andrew’s. Dr. Wilkins remained in Trenton until his death in 1924.

In 1925, by a large majority, the congregation elected to remain within the continuing Presbyterian Church in Canada. The following year extensive building improvements were made which, owing to the subsequent depression, were only paid off in 1946. In 1929, a new Casavant organ was dedicated. This was destroyed by an almost catastrophic fire on February 25, 1951. The chancel area was subsequently rebuilt and a new organ dedicated.

St. Andrew’s circa 1950s.

In September of 1962, the Rev. Douglas Wilson was inducted, and owing to increased attendance the front of the church was extended in 1967 as a centennial project.

Mr. Wilson left in 1976 and was succeeded the following year by the Rev. Robin Ross who served for a decade.

In 1989 Dr. Stanley Self, a former military padre, became pastor. He ministered until retirement in 1996.

In May 1997, the Rev. Dr. A. Donald MacLeod came from Boston to serve the congregation as its twelfth minister. Pastor Don served the congregation faithfully until his retirement from active Ministry on December 31, 2005.

On January 1 of 2007, The Rev. Dr. Nico Mulder became the 13th Minister to the congregation of St. Andrew’s Trenton.

Rev. Luke Vanderkamp served as the 14th minister from September, 2012 to July, 2019.

The pulpit currently remains vacant.

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